What is Windows Polaris

Windows Polaris is the codename for the operating system that will replace Windows 10. Here’s what we know so far As much as we can update it every month, downloading and installing all its problematic updates, Windows 10 is an old operating system. Available since late July 2015, Windows 10 is already five years old, … Read more

How to find hidden files on iPhone and Android

Not everything contained within a smartphone is accessible by the user. There are also hidden files: how to find them on iPhone and Android Some may find it hard to believe, but not everything contained in the devices we carry around on a daily basis, smartphones, is visible. Yes, just like Windows and macOS, iPhone … Read more

Margutta Home, design becomes digital

Margutta Home is a showroom in the center of Rome, where thanks to the vidiwall you can discover the future of interior design and architecture A hi-tech and innovative place in the center of Rome, where the passion for interior design is combined with the passion for technology. We are talking about Margutta Home, one … Read more

What the new Smart Fire TVs from Amazon and Toshiba look like

Toshiba teams up with Amazon and unveils a new range of Smart TVs with built-in Alexa support and 5 different diagonals: 43, 50, 55 and 65 inches. A new line of smart TVs born from the collaboration between Amazon and Toshiba is on the way. The announcement of the models came just in the last … Read more