WannaCry on Android: it’s a scam. The virus only affects Windows

Some cyber criminals have created fake paid anti-WannaCry solutions on Android devices, but it’s a scam WannaCry has become a real business. We are not only talking about the earnings generated from ransom demands for encrypted files but also from the paid solutions specifically designed to defend users from ransomware. Beware though, the solutions offered … Read more

Nintendo Switch Lite official: when it comes out and how much it costs

Nintendo has made official the launch for September 20, 2019 of the Switch Lite: smaller size and joypad integrated into the body It’s official: the next Nintendo-branded console will be called Nintendo Switch Lite and not, as was believed until yesterday, Nintendo Switch Mini. But, apart from the name, its main feature is confirmed: it … Read more

Lucifer 5, the Covid-19 has halted filming: what’s happening

Tom Ellis, lead actor of Lucifer 5, talked about the new season and how the Covid-19 has halted filming As we have told in many articles published in the last period, the coronavirus has created many inconveniences to the world of cinema and TV series. The outbreak of the pandemic has forced to stop altogether … Read more

Bike bonus on Amazon, the latest updates

Amazon allows you to use the mobility bonus to buy bikes, ebikes or electric scooters with a 60% discount, but something in the Ministry’s computer systems isn’t going as it should The Ministry of the Environment, after yesterday’s problematic bike bonus click day and the substantial depletion of 210 million euros in just over 24 … Read more

How to see Virtus Bologna – Fortitudo Bologna on TV and streaming

At 8:30 pm Virtus and Fortitudo face off in the Bologna derby. Here’s how to see the match in streaming and TV Christmas, time for presents, eating and… Bologna derby. Tonight at 8:30 p.m. in the new Virtus Segafredo Arena, a temporary arena built inside the Bologna Fairgrounds, the Bologna derby will be played between … Read more