Foldable electric bikes to buy

Foldable electric bikes are popular models for urban micro-mobility, in fact, compared to traditional ebikes, they can be easily transported on public transportation. These pedal-assisted bikes allow you to reduce the footprint, thanks to a versatile and flexible structure that can be completely closed, to place the electric bike in the office, on the subway … Read more

Motorola RAZR in Italy from February: what you need to know

Motorola gives some advice on how to “manage” the RAZR and avoid ruining the foldable display after a few uses. Normal lumps form The new foldable smartphone Motorola RAZR is now a few days away from arrival in Italy: Tim will put it on sale from February, with an initial contribution of 299 euros followed … Read more

Android Auto, Google Assistant bug fixed

With five months delay Google fixes a very annoying Android Auto issue that prevented Google Assistant activation The first report of the bug dates back to late January 2020, the solution arrived just a few days ago: with extreme slowness Google fixed the Android Auto connection issue, which made it impossible to use voice commands … Read more