Xbox Series X, the highlight will be the price: what we know so far

The Xbox Series X could be launched at a price below $400. The indiscretion comes from an online forum

Not only PlayStation 5 lives the world of video games and consoles. In fact, in addition to the Sony product, by the end of the year will also be released the Xbox Series X that by now a few months has been presented. But as has happened for the PS5, even for the Microsoft console is still missing some important information, such as the price. The Redmond-based company has not yet revealed how much the console will cost, but it should do so soon.

Until the final launch of the Xbox Series X, in fact, Microsoft will organize a monthly event dedicated to video games and the latest features of the console, including the price. While waiting for official communications, however, rumors and anticipations continue to hold bench. The latest one comes from a user who calls himself Eastmen and that on an online forum has ensured that the Xbox Series X will cost less than $ 400. If the news were true, it would be a very aggressive price: the PS5, in fact, should cost between 450 and 500 euros.

Xbox Series X: how much will it cost

The anticipations of the user Eastman are to be taken with due caution: often are shot numbers at random just to get a minimum of notoriety. Already in past it has happened that this type of news to the end have been revealed of the simple fake news. The user in question, however, has not stopped only the Xbox Series X, but also announced the price of the Xbox Series S.

What is it? Of a second console that has been talked about for a while, which should have slightly lower features than the main one and without a Blu-Ray player. A sort of Xbox X Series Lite designed for those who don't want to spend a lot of money. According to Eastman, this console would be priced below $200. How much foundation does this news have? Knowing the likely components in the console, very little. With a price tag of less than $200, Microsoft wouldn't even be able to pay back the expense of building the console.

Unless the Redmond-based company decides to launch the console at a loss, paying back the investment with subscription services. Such as the Xbox Games Pass. Will it really be like that? We will know more in the coming months.