Telegram down on July 30, what we know so far

The instant messaging app has experienced problems across Europe for the second time in 24 hours. Here's what's going on

Telegram is down, for the second time in about 24 hours. After the outage that had knocked out the instant messaging app in the very early afternoon of Sunday, July 29, Telegran is down again since about 7 p.m. on Monday, July 30. We don't know if the two malfunctions are related to each other, but it's certainly not the best time for Pavel Durov's platform.

The problem, which affects the whole of Europe, began to manifest itself around 7pm. This, at least, is the time when the first reports arrived to the sector portals, such as DownDetector. Obviously, Telegram aficionados also made their voices heard on Twitter, where the hashtag #telegramdown quickly rose in the ranking of trending topics. At the moment, the Russian company has not let us know anything about Telegram down, but it is not excluded that the technicians are already working to solve the problem.

Telegram doesn't work, what we know so far

As already mentioned, from the command center of the Russian messaging platform there is still no news about today's malfunction. From the analysis of tweets and messages on DownDetector, it emerges that users have great difficulty accessing the platform or logging in to their profiles.

Given the proximity between the two latest Telegram downs - just over 24 hours, as mentioned - some online speculate that the servers of the Russian company (not exactly on good terms with the Kremlin government) may be the subject of some hacker attack, aimed at undermining the ability to receive and manage messages from the hundreds of millions of users who use it with great frequency.