Google Maps shows data on Covid in maps

Information on Covid-19 is the new feature that allows you to immediately identify outbreaks and at-risk locations. Here are the details More than a billion people use Google Maps routinely to access different types of information related to the territory: from the best route to reach a destination, to finding stores, restaurants and other businesses … Read more

Security Keys, the device that secures your accounts

In order to fight hackers it is necessary to increase the defenses of our accounts: Security Keys is the best device on the market It is usually recommended to protect your accounts by changing the password often and using password managers to create increasingly complicated access keys. With hackers becoming more and more skilled these … Read more

Telegram down on July 30, what we know so far

The instant messaging app has experienced problems across Europe for the second time in 24 hours. Here’s what’s going on Telegram is down, for the second time in about 24 hours. After the outage that had knocked out the instant messaging app in the very early afternoon of Sunday, July 29, Telegran is down again … Read more

GE Appliance launches connected dishwasher that buys detergent

GE Applications launches new smart dishwasher, connected to the internet and our Amazon account, that never runs out of detergent capsules Telling someone you’re as empty as the fridge or have as much passion as the microwave now doesn’t make much sense. In the Internet of Things era, even everyday objects, especially those for the … Read more