Video surveillance at home, where to put the cameras

The right position of the surveillance camera can make the difference: in front of the access door or near the windows are the best solutions From tools used only by technology lovers, video surveillance cameras are becoming increasingly present in the homes of Italians. When you don’t have enough money for a professional video surveillance … Read more

How to make calls with your smartphone from your Windows PC

Using the Windows 10 app Your Program you can use your Android smartphone to make a call: here’s how Before long, it will be possible to use a Windows 10 PC to make calls via your smartphone. Microsoft, in fact, is working together with Samsung to develop a new app specifically for the Galaxy Note … Read more

Iliad problems, phone clock lags behind. How to solve

Some users of the mobile operator accuse a problem with the phone’s clock, which freezes and lags behind. The solution comes from Iliad assistance For a few days now, Iliad users may be unwitting “victims” of a problem that plagues the systems of the mobile operator that arrived in Italy in May 2018. In the … Read more

Instagram changes face: how the new interface will look like

Instagram is preparing to change face and has launched the test of three possible new layouts for the interface with sections dedicated to Reels and Shopping With the advent of the new sections of Instagram Shop and to Reels, the app could not help but change its interface. The social network announced the change of … Read more