Video surveillance at home, where to put the cameras

The right position of the surveillance camera can make the difference: in front of the access door or near the windows are the best solutions

From tools used only by technology lovers, video surveillance cameras are becoming increasingly present in the homes of Italians. When you don't have enough money for a professional video surveillance system, an IP camera is a good alternative solution.

The expense is not very high (with little more than 50-60 euros you can buy a good surveillance camera) and the installation is very simple: just connect it to the Wi-Fi connection of the house and you can control the situation through the application available for smartphones. If the wireless camera notices any strange movement, it will send a notification to the user to alert him of the situation. In order to make the best use of the surveillance camera, you need to install it in a location that can cover the home in the best possible way and that captures at least the front door and main windows. Here are some tips on where to place the surveillance camera.

Where to place the surveillance camera

Where do burglars usually enter? Through the front door or through the second floor windows. These are the locations you need to cover with your security camera. One solution would be to install the camera above the window or door frame with the lens facing downwards, so that it immediately captures the entry of the intruder. Another idea is to place the wireless camera in front of the front door so that it covers more of the home. Another factor to consider is the security camera's coverage radius: not all devices can cover large areas. If the camera has a narrow radius, it is better to place it inside a small room, in order to optimize the coverage space.

Height makes the difference

If we place a wireless camera outside, the first thing to take into account is the device's water resistance. Next we'll have to decide on the location: covering the entrance gate is essential, but outdoor areas are also important. Also, you need to place them high up, otherwise a thief might be able to disassemble them and knock them out. Finally, put them in plain sight: the malicious person might desist from going into action.