How is the new smartwatch by Luis Vuitton and when will it arrive

Fashion and technology lovers get ready: the new wearable by Louis Vuitton is on its way and will certainly not go unnoticed by fashion addicts The worlds of fashion, luxury and technology are not completely unrelated. More and more often they can find strong points of contact that, as in the case of the fashion … Read more

Drones, in Canada heavy fines for those who put people in danger

New regulations enacted: prohibition to fly above 90 meters and near airspaces. Heavy economic penalties of up to 3000 dollars are expected The spread of drones,┬ánow used in every sector, raises some questions. Above all with regard to the safety of people. If those for working use must pass a series of security measures and … Read more

How to free memory on the Mac

On Apple computers there is a very useful tool to free memory on the Mac in a few steps: here’s what it is and how it works in this step-by-step guide Liberating memory on the Mac is an operation that many people would never want to resort to for at least two reasons. The first … Read more

Create your own online avatar with a selfie thanks to Loom

The system, designed especially to be used in virtual reality, replicates with a very high precision the face of a person from an image Creating an almost perfect avatar has never been so easy. Just take a selfie and as if by magic our face will be transformed into a digital image ready to be … Read more