Windows 10 slow? How to fix it

Windows 10 integrates a way to reset to factory settings to speed up your computer. Here’s how to do it Windows 10 fixed many of the problems present in previous versions of Microsoft’s operating system, making computers faster and snappier. One problem, however, remained the same: after a certain period of use, your PC starts … Read more

Huawei Mate 20 Pro: features revealed. How it will be

An image on the Chinese social media Weibo has anticipated features and design of the new top of the range of the house Huawei, the Mate 20 Pro. Everything you know An official photo of Huawei’s new top of the line home, the Mate 20 Pro, has appeared on the famous Chinese social media Weibo. … Read more

Fortnite down, too many people connected: what’s going on

The Fornite servers are full and players are being queued. The event The Device has captured the attention of millions of players and there are the first problems As soon as the event The Device ended, which showed one of the novelties of Season 3 of Chapter 2, namely the storm replaced by a sea … Read more

Fortnite sales slump: fairy tale over?

Fortnite sales suffer a collapse of 48%: what’s happening to the phenomenon of Epic Games? There are those who speak of a fairy tale already over, because the figure is actually quite significant. In January 2019 Fortnite has in fact suffered a drastic drop in receipts compared to December 2018. We’re talking about a -48% … Read more

Internet seconda casa 2021: le promozioni per connettersi in estate

Spostarsi nelle seconde case non significa dover rinunciare a connettersi a Internet in qualsiasi momento: al contrario, si può comunque approfittare dei momenti di relax lontani dalla vita di tutti i giorni, pur rimanendo costantemente connessi.  Per questo motivo si potrebbero valutare le promozioni Internet seconda casa 2021 da attivare il prima possibile in modo … Read more

BlessU-2, the robot priest that blesses you with a beam of light

In Wittenberg, the city of Martin Luther’s Protestant Reformation, an evangelical church has created BlessU-2, a robot that can give blessings Robots, as we’ve said many times, will revolutionize much of the world. From industries to the home. But we never expected to see a machine in church saying prayers and giving blessings. Instead, that’s … Read more