Fortnite down, too many people connected: what’s going on

The Fornite servers are full and players are being queued. The event The Device has captured the attention of millions of players and there are the first problems

As soon as the event The Device ended, which showed one of the novelties of Season 3 of Chapter 2, namely the storm replaced by a sea of water, all players flocked to Fortnite, but they found a nasty surprise: the servers are full. The event has captured the attention of millions of people (only on Twitch there are more than two million players watching the live broadcast, while on the game servers were at least twice as many), who immediately wanted to test the novelty. In these minutes many are having difficulty in accessing Fortnite and start a game.

It is not a real Fortnite down: the game servers are working, but there are too many people who want to enter to play and you are forced to queue. In fact, on the screen appears just a message that warns users to be in line and to wait their turn. Surely the situation in the next few minutes will improve and shortly everything will return to normal.

Why Fortnite does not work June 15, 2020

Servers full and people waiting in line for their turn. This is what is happening in these excited minutes just after the conclusion of the event The Device that ends Season 2 Chapter 2 and welcomes Season 3. Too much curiosity of fans who immediately wanted to test the most important novelty: the replacement of the storm with a sea of water that changes the endgame and complicates the lives of players.

The malfunction is only temporary: you have to wait for the servers to dispose of the queue and then you can start playing Fortnite. Just be patient and in a few minutes it will be your turn. We will continue to monitor the situation in case it gets worse.

Update 22:00. Problem solved.