How to check if you’re connected to Iliad

To check if you're connected to the Iliad network, you need to check a few parameters on your smartphone. Here is the procedure to follow on Android and iOS

Iliad continues to grow. A little over a year after its official arrival in Italy, the fourth Italian operator has managed to carve out its own space in a market that seemed saturated. Thanks to a policy based on clear and fixed prices, the number of Iliad cards activated on Italian soil are more than four million.

The success obtained by the telephone operator has allowed Iliad to invest with even greater conviction in its proprietary network. Until now, the service is based on the ran sharing offered by Wind Tre network, but already for some months in some Italian areas it is possible to call and surf with Iliad proprietary network. According to the latest data appeared online, Iliad has come from activating 1000 antennas throughout Italy and by the end of the year the number will increase again. Despite some difficulties "of youth" the goal is to cover the Italian territory in the shortest time possible and ensure a high quality service to all users.

Thanks to the activation of the new antennas can happen to be connected to the proprietary network. Understanding it, however, is not so simple.

You must have an ad hoc application (on Android), or type a code on the keyboard of your smartphone. Here's how to check if you're connected to the Iliad network.

How to check the Iliad network on Android

To check if you're connected to the proprietary Iliad network or to Wind Tre's ran sharing you need to install an ad hoc application, if you have an Android smartphone. There are many on the Google Play Store, even free. Once the application is installed, you have to access the homepage and check the eNb and EARFCN values. These are two pieces of data that indicate which network you are connected to.

To be connected to the Iliad network, you need the eNb code to be seven digits long and start with the number 1. Instead, the EARFCN value should vary between 1500 and 2900. If you meet these parameters, then it will mean that you are connected to the Iliad network, otherwise you will be connected in ran sharing with Wind Tre.

How to check the Iliad network on the iPhone

For owners of an Apple smartphone, it is much easier to check if you are connected to the Iliad network. You need to type the code *3001*12345# and press on Service Cell Info. At this point a series of information will appear on the screen. Also in this case you have to check the values of eNb and EARFCN. The same rules apply as for Android: eNb must be seven digits long and start with 1, while EARFCN must be between 1500 and 2900.