Iliad, how to check network coverage

Problems with Iliad network? Here's how to check the coverage and signal quality of the phone operator's network

Since its arrival in Italy in May 2018, Iliad has grown at the speed of light, reaching over 4.5 million users in eighteen months. An important number, a sign that the Italian mobile market is still alive and well. One of the secrets of Iliad's success is the advantageous price of the offers and no hidden costs: you pay exactly what the offer proposes.

To continue the growth process, Iliad has also launched an important investment project for its own proprietary network. At the beginning, the phone operator relied on the Wind - Tre network, but right from the start it started to install antennas around Italy to create an independent 4G network. So far the sites installed have been 3,100 and it is expected that by the end of the year will become 3,500 to go to cover areas of Italy still uncovered. Iliad's investment project will continue over the next few years, in order to reach 100% network coverage.

If you're having problems with Iliad's signal, the causes can be various: poor coverage in that specific area, lack of antennas, or the network architecture might not work. Fortunately, Iliad provides tools to check the quality of network coverage: just go to the operator's website and access the appropriate page.

How to check Iliad network coverage

The Iliad network now covers most of Italy, but some areas are still uncovered. As mentioned the installed antennas are more than 3,100 and the work is going on quickly, but it still needs time. L’operatore telefonico permette agli utenti di controllare l’effettiva copertura di rete: basta accedere all’apposita pagina presente sul sito internet. Nella pagina web dedicata trovate una cartina dell’Italia e tre diverse opzioni:

  • Visualizza la disponibilità del servizio 4G/4G+
  • Visualizza la disponibilità del servizio 3G
  • Visualizza la disponibilità del servizio 2G

Mettendo la spunta su una delle tre opzioni, la cartina si colora di rosso mostrando le zone coperte dalla rete Iliad. Se per quanto riguarda il 2G e il 3G non ci sono grossi problemi, con la maggior parte del territorio italiano coperto, per il 4G ci sono ancora delle lacune importanti: la Sardegna è coperta solo per metà, così come la Basilicata e zone della Campania. Anche in Toscana la situazione non è ottimale. Idem per quanto riguarda l’arco alpino. This does not mean that in these areas there is no Iliad network, but simply that to work the phone operator relies on Wind - Tre.

When Iliad 5G network arrives

Another open front is the 5G network. Iliad participated in the auction of frequencies called by the Ministry of Economic Development and bought three lots that will allow the phone operator to have a proprietary network. But it will have to wait at least another couple of years: the launch is not imminent.