Chrome: how to activate the Read Later feature

In the latest version of Google Chrome, a feature that went unnoticed was included: it's Read Later, which allows you to save articles and videos to a list to view them later

With release number 86, Chrome released a new feature called Read Later. It was included in the browser's latest update, released at the beginning of October, but due to its hidden position within the experimental features menu, it wasn't immediately noticed, despite the valuable help it provided in navigation.

The Read Later feature had already been anticipated for a few months but then, due to the presence of other features of greater weight, it had partly fallen into oblivion. Still, such a feature has been expected for a long time, especially in light of the fact that other competitors have already chosen to introduce it long ago. We're talking about Microsoft Edge and its old Set Aside feature or Firefox's Pocket application, which allows you to manage a list of articles and videos saved from the network for later viewing. Until now, Google Chrome users who wanted to do the same had to rely on a third-party add-on, but it seems that the long-awaited moment has come: let's see how it works.

Chrome: how to enable Read Later

The Read Later feature, which as anticipated is not enabled by default on the browser but requires a specific action to start using it, is present among the Flags, or experimental features present on Chrome but still inactive. To access the list, you need to enter in the address bar the link chrome://flags/#read-later and press Enter.

Once you reach it, the page will show a list of experimental features where the one in question is present at the first place, so easy to find. In the drop-down menu to the right of the heading, you'll be able to select Enabled. Chrome will then ask you to restart your browser so that the change becomes effective and the new feature can be used.

Chrome: how it works Read Later

Once the new feature is enabled and you restart your browser you can start using Read Later, taking advantage of its functionality. Just right-click on the tab of interest and select Read Later: in this way the link will be added to a specific folder accessible from the menu in the Favorites bar.

Once you click on the item, a drop-down menu will show all the tabs saved through this specific feature. By clicking on each entry, a new tab with the required content will be opened in the browser window and you will be able to continue reading the content where you left off.