With iOS 14, the iPhone has the Picture in Picture feature: how to activate it

The Picture in Picture feature allows you to continue watching a video stream while using other apps, here's how it works on iOS 14 and how to activate it

The update to iOS 14 has brought to the iPhone an interesting update dedicated to the enjoyment of video content. It's the Picture in Picture feature, which, as the terminology already explains, allows you to navigate between apps on your smartphone without having to stop watching the movie you were previously watching.

The introduction of Picture in Picture on iPhone is just one of the features that characterize this update to Apple's mobile operating system. Among the many innovations introduced with iOS 14 on September 16, there are in fact some features that have been particularly appreciated by users, such as the introduction of customizable icons for apps and widgets to always have at hand the information and the most used apps. Last but not least is the App Library, a space that allows you to organize the apps on your iPhone in a single, convenient view.

Picture in Picture on iPhone: how to activate the feature

How to activate PiP on iPhone? Simply sign in to the app that supports the feature, tap to start a full-screen video, and then exit the app via the home button or by swiping the screen from bottom to top. If it does, you can continue browsing while a small frame will continue to show the video playing.

Of course, the size of the thumbnail can be changed in three steps by zooming in or reducing the size by pinching the screen with your thumb and forefinger. If it gets in the way, the thumbnail can be moved off the screen and then recalled through a tab that replaces it. In this case, the audio interruption is not automatic but will continue until you choose to freeze the entire video.

If the app allows it, you can also use all the playback controls directly from the small screen and return to full view once you've completed the operations in progress.

Picture in Picture on iPhone: supported apps

To be able to use the PiP feature, apps must be able to support it. Currently, you can shrink the video playback screen using FaceTime, iTunes, Podcasts, Safari and Apple TV. Apple's own apps could soon be joined by third-party apps in new versions, while those that already do, such as streaming platforms Netflix and Disney+, are also supported.

YouTube already supports PiP, but a premium subscription is required to take advantage of it. Google Maps, on the other hand, is a different matter. Although capable of working in Picture in Picture mode on Android, on Apple you still can't thumbnail your travel route to switch to other apps on your phone.