The Galaxy Note 10 will have more memory than a PC

Samsung is preparing to launch its first smartphone with 12 gigabytes of RAM on board. It is the Note 10, which will be presented in New York in early August Samsung drops the joker and tries to take back the leadership of top-of-the-line smartphones. And it does so by passing by the memory, which the … Read more

Fifa 19, La Liga licence renewed until 2024

The cost of the operation, according to rumours, would be around 50 million in total (10 for each year) Great news: the agreement between Fifa 19 and La Liga has been signed, with the licence being renewed for another 5 years. Until 2024, in fact, no one will dissolve the exclusive partnership of the maximum … Read more

Teleportation on the Internet? Possible. In fact, almost done

Japanese and Singaporean scientists have succeeded in transmitting via the Internet the flavors of a drink between two different devices One of man’s great dreams is to be able to teleport from one part of the World to another in a few seconds. Considered unattainable by many, the dream seems to be more and more … Read more