The Galaxy Note 10 will have more memory than a PC

Samsung is preparing to launch its first smartphone with 12 gigabytes of RAM on board. It is the Note 10, which will be presented in New York in early August

Samsung drops the joker and tries to take back the leadership of top-of-the-line smartphones. And it does so by passing by the memory, which the company produces at home in Korea. A detail, the latter, which has allowed over the years to Samsung to integrate only the best chips in its flagship products. And, so, the new Galaxy Note 10 that will arrive soon could have 12 GB of very fast RAM.

The Korean manufacturer, in fact, has recently announced that it has begun mass production of 12 gigabit LPDDR5 RAM modules. This RAM, Samsung explains, will serve to support 5G technology (which having very low latencies must be accompanied by equally fast memories) and the increasingly heavy artificial intelligence algorithms. By the end of the month, moreover, Samsung will start packaging the new modules to offer 12 GB of RAM on its smartphones. Perhaps starting as early as the Galaxy Note 10, certainly on the upcoming Galaxy S11. From next year, however, 16 GB configurations will arrive.

Samsung's new LPDDR5 RAM

In addition to size, the new modules are also superior to previous LPDDR4s in terms of maximum speed: 5,500 megabits per second versus 4,266 megabits per second. In practice, Samsung explains, with a 12 GB configuration it will be possible to transfer 44 GB of data (plus or minus 12 FullHD movies of 3.7 GB each) in just one second. In addition to being 30 percent faster, the new LPDDR5 modules also consume 30 percent less power than LPDDR4 modules and incorporate a management chip that should optimize performance to make them more stable.

Samsung reorganizes memory production

In order to manage production capacity more flexibly, Samsung is considering moving its 12Gb LPDDR5 production to its Pyeongtaek (Korea) campus starting next year. With this move and the upcoming unveiling of 16GB modules, then, Samsung hopes to reinforce its market-leading position challenged lately by booming Chinese manufacturers. "Samsung remains committed to rapidly introducing next-generation mobile memory technologies that offer greater performance and capacity," the company explains in a note, "as it continues to aggressively drive growth in the premium memory market.