The Galaxy Note series isn’t dead: coming Galaxy Note 21

Samsung's Galaxy Note series is on hiatus, but it doesn't seem to be much. The latest from rumors, with information on the debut of Samsung Galaxy Note 21

It's a strange year 2021, for a shortage of chips of any kind that has exploded in recent months and shows no sign of being resolved. Uncertainties and instabilities are reflected on the rest of the production chain, and all the major pocket technology manufacturers have to deal with the current context that poses the same challenges to all of them in terms of components procurement and final products assembly.

Magic wands do not exist, not even for the big players of the sector like Samsung and Apple. And this is probably the reason why Samsung, having the feeling that time would make it even more difficult to procure electronic components, in January 2021 extended the compatibility of the S Pen, which has always remained the prerogative of the Galaxy Note series, to the Samsung Galaxy S21. It was probably meant to anticipate the scenario where difficulties would impact to the point of jeopardizing the release of the Samsung Galaxy Note 21, and in 2021 there wouldn't even be a model in the range for fans of the stylus.

Samsung Galaxy Note, the funeral can wait

But not next year, unless unpredictable disasters. According to the usual well-informed in fact in 2022, after a year of forced stop, Samsung will return to enrich the Galaxy Note series. It seems inevitable both not to cancel a series that over the years has given the company several commercial satisfactions and yielded many profits, both because the hard core of fans of the Galaxy Note series does not seem to have poured on the Galaxy S21 that are also compatible with the S Pen.

In recent months there has been much talk about the possibility that Samsung put permanently on the bench the Samsung Galaxy Note, perhaps replacing it with the next foldable equipped with a stylus to offer customers a credible heir to the Note series.

The idea espoused by the rumors is supported by the rumors that have anticipated Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3 compatibility with the S Pen, but apparently in the company are not entirely convinced that this is the ideal time to make history with the Samsung Galaxy Note series, perhaps precisely in light of the Galaxy S21's lower than expected results as an alternative to the Notes.

Samsung and Apple dominate the market

The commercial results, on the other hand, support the decision to raise the prices of smartphones above thresholds that were prohibitive until a few years ago, despite widespread protests from a part of technology enthusiasts. In terms of pure revenue, almost half of the smartphone sector's turnover goes to Apple (46%, to be precise), while the first of the pursuers is Samsung with 19%. The two market leaders together absorbed 65% of the turnover of the last quarter, leaving practically the crumbs to the other market players.

In addition, the analysts of Strategy Analytics have highlighted how 25% of the world turnover is composed of smartphones whose production cost exceeds 900 dollars, therefore products with price lists well beyond the psychological threshold of 1,000 euros. A band, that of the super-premium smartphones, in which once again to make the good and bad time are Apple and Samsung.