How to activate Sky on Digital Terrestrial

To see Sky channels on Digital Terrestrial you need to activate a subscription: here’s the procedure, what are the costs and how it works. Maybe you didn’t know, but you can safely watch Sky on digital terrestrial without having to install any annoying antenna. Of course, after subscribing to the service offered by the pay … Read more

Lucifer 5, the most important news: who is Archangel Michael

In Lucifer 5 there will be a new character, Archangel Michael: here’s who he is and what will be his role in the TV series The official trailer for Lucifer 5, in addition to announcing the release date of the first eight episodes (the season will be divided into two parts, with the remaining eight … Read more

Fifa 20: 3 million up for grabs for eSports Champions League

Fifa launches the Global Series, the online event with a $3 million prize pool. Here’s how it works and who can participate The unstoppable growth of eSports has led many companies to invest in the sector. Electronic Arts has also done so with one of its flagship series: Fifa. Thanks to the Fifa Ultimate Team … Read more

Privacy, internet browsing is never anonymous

It would be enough to share 30 links on Facebook and Twitter to know the exact identity of the person who made a certain internet search A new study reveals something that was already in the air for quite some time and that in some ways scares a little. According to a research carried out … Read more