Lucifer 5, the most important news: who is Archangel Michael

In Lucifer 5 there will be a new character, Archangel Michael: here's who he is and what will be his role in the TV series

The official trailer for Lucifer 5, in addition to announcing the release date of the first eight episodes (the season will be divided into two parts, with the remaining eight episodes coming later) set for August 21, 2020, also showed another important news: the arrival of a new character. And it's no small character, but Lucifer's twin brother: the Archangel Michael.

A twist that changes many things and will have an impact on the plot of the TV series. A choice made necessary, however, to revive a plot that could have flattened too much in view of the sixth and final season of Lucifer. The arrival of Lucifer's twin brother led Tom Ellis to play a double role and to identify himself as the good guy and the bad guy. An important challenge that the actor overcame with flying colors, at least according to the statements of the authors, very satisfied with the acting skills of Tom Ellis. A challenge passed with flying colors and that will make even more unmissable Lucifer 5.

Who is the Archangel Michael

The trailer for Lucifer 5 shows us a new character, the Archangel Michael who is none other than Lucifer's twin brother. And like any great cinematic story, the twin brother certainly didn't come along to make life easier for Lucifer. The fifth season will be a continuous juxtaposition between the two figures, both played by actor Tom Ellis.

It is not yet known how the plot of Lucifer's fifth season will develop, but the sure thing is that Archangel Michael is ready to sabotage all the plans of his twin brother and slowly take over his life.

When Lucifer 5

The release of Lucifer's fifth season has already been set: August 21, 2020. Eight new episodes will be released ahead of the final season (the sixth) already announced and set for 2021.

How to watch Lucifer

It's just over a month until Lucifer 5 is released and fans of the TV series can take advantage of these days to rewatch the first four seasons. To do so, you need to be a Netflix subscriber and use one of the supported devices. After logging into the streaming platform, you need to search for Lucifer and press on the box that appears on the screen. The tab dedicated to the TV series will open and you can choose which episode to watch.