Michael C Hall will be Dexter again: revival ordered

The famous serial killer returns with a ninth season in 2021. The announcement was made by Showtime on social media. Here are the details and previews

Showtime has surprisingly announced the return of one of the most beloved protagonists of TV series. We're talking about Dexter, the serial killer who has conquered the public for eight seasons, aired from 2006 to 2013 in Italy.

The plot of the TV series is inspired by the novel by Jeff Lindsay entitled "The Left Hand of God" and sees at the center of the story just him, Dexter Morgan, a serial killer who acts, however, according to a very special moral code. In fact, he only kills criminals who have managed to escape justice, designing for them real nightmare scenarios. The program has been one of the most watched for seven years and today represents a real cult title for lovers of the genre.

What will Dexter 9 be about: plot synopsis

The news came suddenly on Showtime's Twitter channel and left everyone speechless: "Surprise, he's back #Dexter".

The news from that moment went around the web, arousing the happiness of fans. In fact, the finale of the eighth season was too quick on many aspects. In the last episode, Dexter had spared his victim, out of a sudden sense of pity and because he lacked the will to kill.

Then, he had staged his own death and assumed the identity of a mysterious woodcutter to then lose his tracks. Also, Dexter and Hannah had planned to run away together to Argentina, but something had gone wrong. Some elements are therefore not deepened in the finale.

Now the new episodes should start right from the management of his new identity and his activity as a serial killer.

Cast of Dexter 9

According to the previews provided by TVLine, the lead actor will always be Michael C. Hall, while the role of showrunner is entrusted to Clyde Phillips, executive producer of the previous seasons.

The lead actor Michael C Hall said he was happy for the return, also because the season finale had not done justice to the TV series. According to the actor, the last scenes had lost the fast pace that distinguished the series. The reasons were due to many factors, including the few ideas of the authors.

In the revival we will probably see again Jennifer Carpenter in the role of Debra Morgan, who could return with some flashbacks. Similarly, there could be Harry Morgan, Dexter's adoptive father, and other main characters of the series: Desmond Harrington (Joey Quinn), David Zayas (Angel Batista) and Geoff Pierson (Thomas Matthews). Of course, we need to wait for official communications.

Dexter 9 production: when we will see the new episodes

Dexter 9 will consist of 10 episodes. If everything goes as planned, the new season will be released in September 2021.

It is not yet known on which platform it will be available, but many predict that to host the ninth season will be Netflix. In fact, the channel has already offered the first seasons of Dexter in past years, however, the title was later removed from the catalog. At the moment, the series is instead available on SkyGo and Now TV.