Ally McBeal: a revival with the same leading lady is coming

The quintessential legal drama could return to streaming, with Calista Flockhart in the starring role. Here are the details

Ally McBeal could return to TV with a reboot produced by Disney Television Studios. This is what anticipated by the magazine TVLine, which also reveals the name of the lead actress. Apparently, it will be her, Calista Flockhart, who will play the role of Ally, who made her famous all over the world.

If the news were true, Disney would still gain a piece of land among the streaming platforms. Lately, thanks to the Star channel, the platform has entered into direct competition with Netflix, Prime Video and other services. In fact, content designed for adults has also entered its catalog. According to some rumors, Calista Flockhart would be thrilled at the idea of returning to the role of the cute lawyer, but for the moment no news about the reboot has been made official. Surely it would have a lot of followers, because Ally McBeal is one of the milestones of the television landscape.

Ally McBeal: the queen of legal drama

The TV series created by David E. Kelley arrived in Italy in 2003 and immediately conquered the audience. The plot is centered on the life of Ally McBeal, a young lawyer who works in the law firm of Cage & Fish in Boston, where alongside the activities related to the court, rivalries, jealousies, friendships and loves develop. The peculiarity of the series was the fact that all of Ally's thoughts were turned into cartoons and shown on the screen. This made the series really funny.

The mother series consists of five seasons, from which a spin-off was also born. Ally McBeal also won several awards, including two Golden Globes for Best Comedy Series and Musical and an Emmy for Best Comedy Series in 1999.

The plot of the new series might be very similar to the original one, but we will definitely see Ally more adult and aware. However, it will definitely not lack the hilarious touch that made her famous. In addition, TVLine has talked about a mini-series.

As for the cast, for now only Calista Flockhart would be in talks for the lead role. While creator David E. Kelley would be involved in the role of executive producer.

Ally McBeal revival: where to watch it

Currently all seasons of Ally McBeal can be watched on Hulu, however the revival could land on a different platform. In fact, the project is tied to 20th Television, the production studio of Disney Television Studios. For this reason, we could see the reboot in the Star channel of Disney+. We just have to wait for official news about it.