Cheap Apple Watch coming

A well-known leaker predicts that an Apple Watch SE with a design similar to the Series 4 but with some limitations will be unveiled at Apple's September 15 event

Apple has set September 15 as the date to show the world its latest innovations. New devices are also expected to be unveiled, such as the Apple Watch Pro Series 6 and the Apple Watch SE. The latter will be a model of Apple smartwatch cheaper than the others, a sort of cross between the Apple Watch 3 and 4.

Or so is convinced the now well-known leaker Jon Prosser, already a source of several rumors later proved to be correct. But also of some that have not been at all. According to Prosser, in any case, what Apple is about to present would be a watch that looks a lot like the Apple Watch Series 4 but with technical features down, to keep costs down. As always, when we talk about rumors (and even more rumors about Apple products), it is always better not to take them for granted. Starting with the name of this new watch, which may not even be Apple Watch SE.

Apple Watch SE: how it's made

According to Jon Prosser, the infamous Apple Watch SE is codenamed N140 and N142: there will in fact be two versions, one with a 40mm case and one with a 42mm case. The two sizes, then, will be available in GPS versions (N140S and N142S) or even with cellular connectivity (N142B and N142B).

Aesthetically, all four Apple Watch SEs will have the Series 4 design, but they won't have the always on display or the electrocardiogram (ECG) function. On all four, however, there will be the chip, namely the Apple Motion Coprocessor that detects the user's movements via gyroscope, accelerometer and other smart sensors.

Apple Watch SE: how much will it cost

On the price of the Apple Watch SE not even Jon Prosser can say much. Si possono però fare delle ipotesi, partendo dal prezzo attuale dell’Apple Watch Serie 5 e dell’Apple Watch Serie 3, visto che l’Apple Watch SE dovrebbe posizionarsi in mezzo a questi due modelli.

Considerando che l’Apple Watch Serie 5 ha un prezzo minimo ufficiale di 464,90 euro, mentre il Serie 3 parte da 242,90, allora un prezzo intorno ai 350 euro sembra credibile. Ma, ancora una volta, anche questa è una ipotesi che potrebbe essere smentita all’evento “Time Files" del 15 settembre.