When are the new episodes of Rick & Morty coming out

The popular cartoon Rick and Morty is now in its sixth season, but when will we see it on television? If all goes as it should, this is the date to look forward to

Rick and Morty fans continue to wonder when the sixth season of the cartoon set in the multiverse will arrive. However, there is one piece of news that gives hope that the release date will soon arrive: writer Alex Rubens confirmed on Twitter that he is already writing season 7.

A few words that leave little doubt to Rick and Morty fans: season 6 has already been written and all that remains is to make the cartoon. Although there are no official confirmations, there are no denials either, but it is possible to guess when the new episodes will be released. Each season of the cartoon consists of 10 episodes and it is since 2018 that Adult Swim has ordered 70 episodes, enough to get up to season 10. This suggests that the release schedule of the cartoon could follow a regular pattern: the trailer will be presented about three months before the release date, which could be the same as the other seasons released so far: probably the summer of 2022. Let's see why it is the most likely date.

Rick and Morty: the words of the writers

To provide the first indiscretions about the fact that the writing of Rick and Morty 6 has already been completed we thought the creators of the cartoon. The first to announce it on Twitter was Rubens, who wrote ironically: "Am I allowed to say that we have started writing Rick and Morty Season 7? (If not, we haven't and I'm not)."

Writer Cody Ziglar has also already confirmed on social media that season 7 has already been completed. This means that season 6 is in the production phase and it won't be long before fans will finally get to see new episodes of their favorite protagonists.

Rick and Morty 6: when it will be released

Having reached the fifth season of Rick and Morty, there seems to be some sort of regularity between announcement of seasons and arrival on Netflix streaming. Even season 5 arrived in the summer in the United States and after two or three months in Italy, like the previous ones.

This means that the arrival of the episodes of season 6 could also follow this trend: in the summer of 2022 in the United States and in the fall in Italy too, unless Netflix decides to perform a simultaneous launch in the different countries where the streaming platform is present.

For an official confirmation that the arrival of season 6 is near, all that remains is to wait for the presentation of the first trailer, which usually takes place on the network a couple of months before the release date.

Rick and Morty 6: the plot

Although the writers have confirmed that season 7 has been written, on the plot of season 6 of Rick and Morty remains the most total secrecy. Certainly from season to season, we get to know better and better these two characters committed to living in the multiverse, jumping through space and time. Between humor and twists, the writers are outlining more and more of their absurd characters, to give fans new and intriguing adventures.