LG: new budget OLED Smart TV coming

From Korea comes the certainty that LG is about to bring to market a new, unreleased 42-inch OLED Smart TV model: it will be small, but high-end and with a price that could make many happy

Korean consumer electronics giant LG is preparing to launch its new 2022 Smart TV range, among which we will see both new LED and OLED TVs. The second technology is one where LG has a big name to spend: LG OLED TVs are an object of desire for many, and apparently, next year many more people will be able to afford one. In fact, a new model of budget LG OLED TV is on its way.

The news about it comes mainly from the Korean certification body National Radio Research Agency, from which all electronic devices equipped with a radio connection (for example, the WiFi of Smart TVs) must pass. On the site of the agency, in fact, since a few days are the new LG models that will hit the market next year: this is an update of all four current ranges of the manufacturer (ie the ranges A1, B1, C1 and G1). Next year, therefore, we will see the new LG A2, B2, C2 and G2 Smart TVs and, among them, a C2 model with a brand new diagonal: 42 inches. He'll be LG's new budget OLED TV.

LG OLED 42-inch: what it will look like

The product code under which LG's new budget OLED Smart TV has been registered is OLED42C2KNA and, unfortunately, from the National Radio Research Agency website it's not possible to get any information other than that the product exists and is under certification.

There are, in fact, links to the pages of LG Korea's website related to the 42-inch model, but those pages are no longer available. LG, therefore, is preparing the release of the product but has not yet decided to reveal its details. We do know, however, that the LG OLED42C2KNA TV will have a 4K resolution and a diagonal of 42 inches, a good 6 less than the previous minimum cut of 48 inches that, however, will remain in the range even after the arrival of the little brother.

It 's logical to expect, however, that the C2 range goes to improve the already excellent C1 and that, consequently, it will be a little gem for those who love OLED Smart TVs. The C1 range, in fact, is now just the edge below the G1 (the most expensive) and differs from it almost only by the absence of EVO technology and design.

The LG C1 range (and therefore also the future C2), however, offers a 4K panel with refresh rate up to 120 Hz, good brightness (as bright as an OLED TV can be) and outstanding colors.

LG OLED 42-inch: how much will it cost

Also regarding the price of the future LG OLED 42-inch, at the moment, it is only possible to speculate based on the current range. In particular on the current 48-inch C1 model, which was launched with a list price of 1,799 euros, but which soon dropped dramatically and, today, is at a street price of 1,199 euros.

It is not far-fetched, therefore, to speculate that the OLED42C2KNA model can be launched at a price of about 1,499 euros, and then drop to a street price below one thousand euros already during 2022.