Dexter: In the long-awaited revival, the main character changes identity

TV's most famous serial killer will return this fall with a revival full of twists and turns. Here's what we know about plot and characters.

Dexter is coming back and doing it in style, with a fall revival full of twists and turns. The famous serial killer will be played by actor Michael C. Hall. On the other hand, his face is irreplaceable for fans who have followed the TV series for about 7 years. In fact, it was broadcasted worldwide from 2006 to 2013 and consists of 8 seasons.

The plot is inspired by the novel by Jeff Lindsay entitled "The Left Hand of God" and tells the story of Dexter Morgan, a man who turns out to be an unscrupulous killer. His peculiarity? He sincerely thinks he is acting ethically and justly. In fact, his victims are exclusively criminals who have escaped justice. Thus, he takes care to punish them properly, according to his rules. Thus was born one of the most interesting thriller and crime series in recent years. And the revival will be even more so: it will allow the audience to understand what happened to Dexter, especially after in the finale of the parent series is believed dead.

Dexter: what we know about the revival

The revival of Dexter will consist of 10 episodes. We will see Michael C. Hall again wearing the role of the murderer who gives his name to the TV series. The man is not dead at all, as he made believe in the last episode of the mother series, rather he lives in Oregon where he works as a lumberjack. He leads a subdued life and uses a pseudonym, his name is Jim Lindsay.

The surname is a clear reference to the novelist Jeff Lindsay, who wrote the books from which the TV series is based. I mean, he just seems like a different person. Yet, it's not like that at all: he hasn't lost his serial killer nature at all. He continues to kidnap and kill his victims, in the tranquility of his home outside the city and he loves guns, he is literally attracted to them. The first details of the plot refer to the first seasons of the series.

And it is immediately clear why: the showrunner is Clyde Philips. The author had abandoned the show in the fourth season and since then there was a deterioration on the quality side. So, his return bodes well.

Dexter Revival: New Characters

In the revival the audience will meet a number of new characters that will characterize the world of Dexter. Clancy Brown will take on the role of Kurt Caldwell (Billions, A Promising Woman) and will be the antagonist par excellence, namely the mayor of Iron Lake, a quiet town near New York, where Dexter now lives in disguise.

Also returning will be Jennifer Carpenter, who will play Debra, Dexter's deceased sister. So, it is speculated that she will return in the form of a ghost, as had previously happened to the father of the protagonist. In the cast we also find Jamie Chung, Alano Miller, Johnny Sequoyah, Julia Jones, Michael Cyril Creighton and Jack Alcott. In short, everything seems to be ready for the release of the TV series.

Dexter revival: release

According to numerous sources, the revival of Dexter will arrive on streaming in the fall of 2021. In the meantime, the 8 seasons of the parent series are available on the NOW streaming platform.