Microsoft Teams, the Office social for workgroups

Microsoft Teams is the new tool integrated into Office 365 that allows you to create a shared workspace between members of a workgroup Microsoft Teams, after several rumors, was finally unveiled at an event organized in New York yesterday afternoon and is in direct competition with Slack, the startup launched three years ago, and Facebook … Read more

TikTok tests in app purchases: how they work

Even TikTok takes the plunge and starts testing in app purchases: soon everyone will be able to sell and buy without leaving TikTok. It’s time for in app purchases for TikTok. The social network dedicated to the creation of short videos is testing the possibility of shopping directly from the application, as already happens with … Read more

IPhone X has two batteries arranged in an “L” shape

Chinese bloggers opened the iPhone X to analyze the hardware compartment and discovered a double battery arranged in an “L” shape On the iPhone X, Apple’s new top-of-the-line smartphone, there are many new features. From OLED screens to¬†Face ID (facial recognition). In addition to these new technologies visible to the eye of the user, Cupertino … Read more

Good Omens: Amazon Prime Video announces second season

The angel Azphrael and the demon Crowley, after saving the world from the apocalypse, return as protagonists in the second installment of the entertaining series Good Omens Amazon Prime Video announced these days the green light for the second season of the beloved series Good Omens. Micheal Sheen and David Tennant will return in key … Read more