Good Omens: Amazon Prime Video announces second season

The angel Azphrael and the demon Crowley, after saving the world from the apocalypse, return as protagonists in the second installment of the entertaining series Good Omens

Amazon Prime Video announced these days the green light for the second season of the beloved series Good Omens. Micheal Sheen and David Tennant will return in key roles: the angel Azphrael and the demon Crowley. There will be six episodes of the new series that will be filmed in Scotland so, the unlikely duo that came together to save the world from the apocalypse, will have its second season that will be scheduled in 240 countries.

Good Omens is a 2019 British American television series based on the 1990 novel by Terry Pratchett and Neil Gaiman titled Good Apocalypse to All! In Good Omens Azphrael and Crowley, angel and demon leaders of their respective factions, unite to avert the end of Earth declared by Heaven and the forces of the underworld because they are fond, after years of living on the planet, of Earthly customs. Neil Gaiman said that the story, in his mind and in Terry's, could only have a continuation: Azphrael and Crowley have never been characters destined for a single story.

Good Omens: the friendship

In the new chapter of the series is strengthened the friendship between the two protagonists. Once the apocalypse has been averted, Good Omens' angel and demon will continue their lives on earth, among the mortals of London's Soho district, until a messenger appears to them with a mystery that is nothing short of amazing. The new season will delve into the friendship between Azphrael, a truly finicky angel devoted to the rare book trade, and the demon Crowley whose hectic life we appreciate.

Neil Gaiman recently stated that "there are a lot of questions that people have been asking about what happened next and also what happened before to our favorite angel and demon." And it seems that Neil and Douglas Mackinnon, the director of the series, have in the second installment of Good Omens all the desire to give us answers.

Good Omens: trivia

Douglas Mackinnon is really very happy to shoot the second series in Scotland is his homeland is he seems to have said that it is "a dream come true" and with an angel and a demon by his side you have to believe him.

It would appear that angel Michael Sheen, after being reconfirmed for Good Omens, jokingly said, "Personally I'm against it, but the world won't save itself, will it? If David and I can keep from fighting too much this time it might even have a chance of ending for good." We're sure there'll be no shortage of humor in the series: it's already present backstage, perfectly in keeping with the irony of the character Azphrael.

Co-star David Tennant, the scrappy demon Crowley, has made it known that he's happy to be able to recite Neil's wonderful words one more time, and then iconically pointed out, "The news of season two is probably less good for the universe, because that means there will almost certainly be a new existential threat to deal with." 

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