Movies and TV series coming out in September on Amazon Prime Video

Summer is almost over, but the audience of the streaming service will be able to console themselves with many new titles: here are the main novelties

By now the summer is coming to an end and the vacations are over for practically everyone, fortunately the video streaming platforms help us to be less sad and nostalgic, thanks to many new releases and great returns. Even Amazon Prime Video has in store for September a list of new releases.

Between the most anticipated TV series stands out the second season of The Boys that will return to the platform with eight episodes starting September 4, to continue every Friday. In addition to this, there will be another long-awaited original title, namely Doom Patrol, which will be available from September 28. The month of September will also feature some of the history-making TV series, including Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Lost, Criminal Minds and The Griffins. As for feature films, Amazon Prime users will have plenty of choices. The little ones will be able to see the Sonic movie and My Spy. But these are just some of the titles reserved for subscribers. Let's see in detail what's new.

Amazon Prime Video: TV series coming in September 2020

One of the most anticipated TV series for Amazon Prime Video audience is definitely The Boys. The first three episodes will be available from September 4, after which an episode will be broadcast every Friday, for a total of eight. The service is also offering an after-show, called Prime Rewind: Inside The Boys, where the actors and the entire team present and comment on the episodes with the audience.

Another big return is the second season of Doom Patrol, which will be released exclusively on Amazon Prime Video starting September 28, 2020. This content is written by Jeremy Carver (former writer of Supernatural and Being Human) and is based on a group of superheroes created for DC. Both are first viewings reserved for Amazon Prime Video audiences. In addition to these two titles, a list of already popular TV series will be released.

The older ones will surely already know the cult series starring a girl named Buffy Summers played by actress Sarah Michelle Gellar. All seven seasons of Buffy the Vampire Slayer will be available from September 1 and it will be an opportunity for the younger ones, who will be able to discover this beautiful series, and for the older ones, who will be able to take a dip in the past. This will be joined by other already famous titles, including Lost, Call the Midwife, The Americans, available from September 1.

On September 7 instead comes Criminal Minds, while on September 9 on Amazon Prime Video will be the turn of the three seasons of Fargo. In mid-September there will then be the final roundup of titles, which is long, but among them stand out the series dedicated to Lupin, Bones and The Griffins. Finally, for fans of Formula 1, Amazon has thought of the docu-series Fernando, centered on the Spanish champion Fernando Alonso who announced his return in the upcoming season. This content will be available from September 25.

Amazon Prime Video: movies coming out in September 2020

From September 1, feature film lovers will be able to see The Magnificent 7, directed by Antoine Fuqua. The cast includes Denzel Washington, Chris Pratt, Ethan Hawke, Vincent D'Onofrio and other movie stars. It is the remake of the famous 1960 western film by John Sturges, a small masterpiece perfect for the whole family.

On September 3, the public will be able to see the original Amazon Prime Video film, titled The Spy. It tells the story of JJ, a CIA agent who is sent to watch over a family and finds himself dealing with a 9-year-old girl. It is a movie designed for kids, just like Sonic, which will be released on September 10 and Dragon Trainer, which will be available from September 21.

But the genres will range to please everyone: for example, from September 11 you can see the Tomb Rider movie, from September 10 Point Break or from September 8 the historical film Mary Queen of Scots.