Amazon Prime Video: movies and TV series coming out in November 2020

The straming platform is ready to entertain subscribers with lots of news: there will be titles for all tastes. Here's what they are

The video streaming service reserved for Amazon customers will be enriched with many titles in November 2020: movies, documentaries, TV series, including lots of exclusive Amazon Original content.

There is no shortage of great returns, those of the TV series most loved by the public. Among these stands out the fourth season of This is us and the seventh season of Hawaii Five-0. Families will once again be the absolute protagonists of the new catalog, in fact are coming many films to watch all together on the couch, like the animated film Rainy Meatballs. But that's not all, some docu-films will instead tell the story of great contemporary Italian characters: from the documentary on Francesco Totti to the one on Tiziano Ferro.

Prime Video: TV series coming in November 2020

Each month Prime Video offers its loyal audience many new features and November will certainly not disappoint viewers. It begins on November 1 with the fourth season of This Is Us, a famous family drama told on three time frames and starring a rich and varied cast.

The same day will debut two other TV series: Demon Slayer and Steins; Gate, based on the Japanese graphic work of the same name.

On November 12 is the turn of Alex Rider, a serialized content spy thriller that tells the story of a spy infiltrated in a reformatory. The series is based on the saga written by Anthony Horowitz.

In the following days we will see all seasons of Macgyver (from November 15) and the new season of Hawaii Five-0 (November 19).

Since November 20 will be available the original show Amazon entitled The Pack, a program where dogs and their masters will be engaged in a series of fun tests and games.

Finally, on November 20 will be released the first season of Motherland: Fort Salem, a series set in America in an alternative present where witches live with the rest of the community.

Amazon Prime Video: movies coming in November 2020

The catalog of movies is really rich: there are more than 20 films that you can watch starting in November 2020 on Prime Video. Let's see the most representative ones.

Among the most awaited new entries is the docu-film Mi chiamo Francesco Totti (My name is Francesco Totti), focused on the life of the historic Roma captain. It will talk about his family, his passions, soccer and especially his role in Roma. Available from November 16.

From sport we then move to music, with the documentary on Tiziano Ferro, entitled precisely Ferro, which will be released on streaming on November 6. The content tells the exciting story of the famous Italian singer, there will be many unreleased videos dedicated to fans. In short, after the docu-film on Sfera Ebbasta, the streaming events dedicated to music continue.

If instead you are looking for a good action film, from November 1 will be available The Courier, Amazon Original production. The film starring Gary Oldman follows the adventures of two protagonists struggling with a series of crimes linked to a serial killer.

A completely different genre is instead Anja - Real Love Girl, on the platform from November 3. It is a thriller directed by Paolo Martini and Pablo Benedetti. It tells the story of Andrej, a lonely man who falls in love with a girl who is kidnapped by a group of Russian criminals. From that moment, the man will be involved in a series of dangerous events.

Lovers of Italian thrillers will enjoy a second title: Il Talento del Calabrone, which tells the story of a DJ grappling with a listener who threatens to kill himself and make a massacre in the city.

Finally, among the most interesting novelties of the platform we point out the arrival of Bohemian Rapsody, film dedicated to music legend Freddy Mercury. The film has received four Oscars including the one for Best Actor in a Leading Role to Rami Malek. It will be online from November 27.