Children on social networks, these are the photos you should never post

Many parents share photos of their children online - the first steps or a birthday party - without thinking that they could end up in the wrong hands

Competent authorities, such as the Police and child sponsors, have always advised against sharing photos of children on social networks because it is potentially risky behavior. It is not our intention to unleash unnecessary alarmism, but pedophiles exist and should never be underestimated.

This is what Erin Cash advises, a former policewoman who has collected and published on her blog a series of suggestions to warn parents. Erin is an expert in the field with twelve years as a detective in the fight against pedophilia and child abuse in the State of Queensland in Australia. Today, more than ever, more and more evil people are scouring the web - and especially social networks - looking for photos of children to steal and manipulate with photo editing tools. The face of the child in the original photo often doesn't change, with the consequence that he finds himself the protagonist of an obscene image. All without the parents' knowledge.

Pedophilia is a sad reality

Erin Cash advises, first of all, not to publish photos of your children online, even the most innocent ones. If you really want to "risk", here are some tips to follow to minimize the risks on social networks. First of all, avoid publishing content visible to everyone, that is, do not share photos in "Everyone" mode, but instead choose the "Friends" option... and check first who is part of your network of contacts. If you're looking for added security, select who among your friends can look at your children's photos via the "Specific Friends" option.

Images Not to Post Online

Erin Cash, based on her decades of experience, recommends not posting certain categories of images. At the top of the podium are shots of unclothed children in underwear or swimsuits, bathing in the sea or in the bathtub at home, even if no exposed private parts are visible. Those who know how to use an editing program, unfortunately, will not have great difficulty in manipulating them. Even apparently normal images to an untrained eye can be transformed into something completely different. Parents are not "trained" and publish shots that they think are funny with their children in apparently funny and nice positions but, that can have a completely different effect. Never, finally, post online shots of children with a lot of space around them because it becomes easy to manipulate them by adding - always with photo editing - another person, usually a man. The children of public and famous people, finally, are those that attract more attention from people who are not very recommendable.