360° videos to share on social networks? Now you can thanks to Giroptic

The San Francisco company has created a camera designed for virtual reality and live on social networks. Available only for iPhone and iPad

Use your iPhone or iPad to create 360-degree videos to upload on social networks? Now you can thanks to Giroptic iO, a 360-degree camera and camcorder. Just plug it into your iPhone to take spherical photos and breathtaking virtual reality shots.

A 360-degree camera for your iPhone. While waiting for the new iPhone 8 to revolutionize the classic camera concept with augmented reality and 3D, we can test 360-degree videos, ideal for virtual reality, with Giroptic's new camera for Apple devices. This is a San Francisco-based company that specializes in cameras for VR. Its new device will allow Apple users to post Facebook or YouTube live feeds of panoramic videos, for example. "Giroptic iO simultaneously provides an easy-to-use camera and a new service platform," these are the words of Richard Ollier, co-founder and CEO of Giroptic.

How does Giroptic iO work?

Giroptic iO is very simple to use. Just connect it to your Apple smartphone or iPad and you're done. Very intuitive to use as well as easy to share via social networks or use the function for live broadcasts. It is currently only available for pre-order on the company's website Giroptic at a cost of $ 250. And shipments are expected to start on Tuesday, January 17, 2017.

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This is not, however, the first smartphone camera on the market to make 360° movies. There are already several similar devices for Android devices. Giroptic iO, however, differs in its ease of use. In addition, it does not take advantage of the iPhone battery but has its own. It can last up to an hour and a half live and up to three hours if used only for photos and short videos. It can support 2k and 4K video.

What does Giroptic do?

As we mentioned, the San Francisco-based company specializes in virtual reality cameras. It has over 50 employees and was founded in 2008. In 2014 it raised $1.4 million for a campaign on Kickstarter, in 2015 it raised its profit to $4.3 million. In the last period, it has devoted most of its efforts to creating 360° cameras that are easy to use even for the average user and is focusing its target audience on the users of the most used social media at the moment.

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