Clubhouse: what the party emoticon next to the photo means

Clubhouse is the social network of the moment and still to be revealed: here's what the party emoticon on the user profile photo means

Clubhouse is the new social network based on voice messages still to be discovered. Users who own an iPhone, and especially one of the invitations, have noticed that the emoticon party appears on the photo of some profiles: a mystery that has already been revealed on the network.

The dynamics of the exclusive social network have not yet been fully clarified. What is known at the moment is that those who can get an invitation, have an iPhone and can access will be able to enter the "Room", virtual rooms dedicated to the most diverse topics. No photos, images or videos: only the voice guides the evolution of the discussions in the rooms. However, one detail has aroused the curiosity of users in recent days: it is the party emoticon that is only present on some Clubhouse profile images, indicating that there is a new user who has just gained access to the social platform.

Clubhouse: what does the party emoji mean

The party emoji that several users see associated with the profile image of Clubhouse members has a very specific function. The exclusive and innovative social platform, which relies entirely on voice, gives this symbol a precise meaning: to signal users who have just signed up and joined the social network.

Those who manage to access the social network will be marked for their first seven days by the party emoticon. It's a way to celebrate joining the community, almost as if to throw a party, but also to inform the new user that they may not yet be familiar with the dynamics of Clubhouse and may not know how to use the app perfectly, for example not knowing the main functions of the Rooms.

Clubhouse: how the social works

The new social network allows you to interact solely through voice, entering and leaving the various Rooms available. Clubhouse users are divided into speakers, who speak in the virtual rooms, moderators, who choose who to give the floor to and when to direct the discussion, and finally listeners, who can listen to the conversations.

Clubhouse: when it arrives for Android

At the moment Clubhouse is only available in the Apple App Store, so for all users who own an iPhone. Having an Apple smartphone, however, is not enough to create a user profile on the social: you have to receive an invitation from those who are already inside. While waiting to be invited and find your chance to be part of this community, you can still reserve your nickname after downloading the app. For those who have an Android device, it's not yet clear when it will be possible to access the social network, but it's sure that its developers are implementing the app to be able to soon expand the community that is growing rapidly around the world.