Column is born, the exclusive social reserved for the super rich

Column is the social network designed for the most influential people in the world. Registration costs 100,000 euros and there will be no "like" button.

In recent years, the world of social networks has been enriched by platforms of all kinds: from those reserved for the very young, such as TikTok, to others more suitable for editors and journalists, such as Twitter. In short, there is something for everyone. And now comes also the one reserved to the richest of the world.

It will be called Column and it will have a series of features and functions able to skim the users since the first access. First of all, the registration will not be free at all but it will be necessary to pay 100.000 euros to create a profile. This can be done only under invitation. Some stars would already be interested in the project. Among these stand out Leonardo di Caprio, the rapper Chance and Elon Musk, the founder of the Tesla brand. Ordinary users will still be able to view posts, but without interacting with members. Although it is inspired by Facebook, it will still maintain its peculiarities.

Features of Column: the social network for the rich

We can imagine them in their Beverly Hills super mansion or aboard their private jet while scrolling through the main page of Column. They are the super rich of the whole planet who will finally have a social network reserved only for them. This channel takes inspiration from the main platforms of the moment, such as Facebook and Instagram, but it keeps some aspects that make it really exclusive. First of all, you will only be able to sign up by invitation and to register you'll have to pay 100,000 euros.

It will only host celebrities and important figures such as Nobel Prize winners and Silicon Valley entrepreneurs of the caliber of Elon Musk or Gwyneth Paltrow, who has become a leader in the wellness sector, as well as the CEOs of Apple, Google, HP and other brands. These personalities, by sharing their stories and content, will be an inspiration to other members and beyond. In fact, even "ordinary people" will be able to view the publications, but without interacting or adding to them.

Where did the idea come from?

Column was created to meet two needs. The first is the one shared by many users and consumers who love to peek at how billionaires live: what they eat, their typical days, but also what clubs they go to or how their houses are. Just think of the following that the stars have on Instagram or other platforms or even the success of TV programs like Riccanza, which tells the life of the richest people in the world.

The second need is the one that interests more entrepreneurs and professionals: they want to have a reference channel where they can follow their gurus and find inspiration from them to have a brilliant career and get the desired success in the reference sector. So, Column would have a double purpose: to become a platform able to inspire, but also a way to peep.

No fake news, only quality contents

There will be a careful selection at the entrance and this will also serve to prevent possible trolls from spreading fake news. The aim is therefore on high quality contents. Some potential members have already been identified among the most famous and influential people in the world. Not much is known yet about its features and functions. There won't be a profile, but people will be able to fill "columns" and instead of the like there will be the truth and it will be used to confirm or deny a post, thus increasing the quality level.