I am not rich, the app that costs 350 euros and does nothing

Available on the Google Play Store, the app I am not rich has been downloaded more than 5,000 times. And it's not the only one with an exorbitant price tag...

The Google Play Store always has some great surprises in store. Among the more than two million applications available on the digital store of the Mountain View company there are some that are really special and in many cases completely useless. Such as I am not rich, an application without any special content and that costs 350 euros (349.99 euros to be precise).

I am not rich is not the only application to have these "special" features. Many software houses have had fun developing apps that cost quite a bit, but serve virtually no purpose. Over the years, many apps have even been deleted from the Google Play Store, but some have remained, such as I'm FU***NG Rich, which costs 100 euros and offers no content. You only buy it to show that you are rich.

How I am not rich works

I am not rich, a €349.99 app, offers practically nothing. It was developed solely to show people how rich you are. After downloading and, most importantly, paying for it, you can launch it, but in the home screen there will be nothing, just a phrase "I am not rich. I'm poor ?". The usefulness of I am not rich? None, if not to replenish the coffers of PENITAX, the software house that developed the application. And if you think that the application has not been successful, you are wrong: it has been downloaded between 5,000 and 10,000 times. Multiplying 5,000 x 350, it comes to a figure of 1,750,000. Not a bad profit.

The same software house has also developed a very similar application: I am rich. This time, however, the cost is only 0.89 euros, but the structure is the same. Once the application is launched, there will be no content inside.

The other expensive and useless applications on Google Play Store

Do you remember the Vuvuzela, the annoying horns that accompanied all the matches of the World Cup that took place in South Africa in 2010? A software house has thoughtfully created Vuvuzela World Cup Horn Plus, an application that reproduces the noise of the Vuvuzela. The only problem is the cost: 100 euros. If, on the other hand, you are a fan of precious stones, you can buy one of Abu Moo's apps. Each app (there are six in total, each dedicated to a different diamond) costs 350 euros, and they show the image of the precious stone on the smartphone screen. And that's it. No special content, no video, no gemstone shipped to your home.

Finally, the Google Play Store also features I am rich, an app that is virtually identical to I am not rich and costs 349.99 euros. There is no special content, only the image of a diamond.