Galaxy Fold, Games of Thrones version arrives and costs 7,000 euros

The Samsung Galaxy Fold from Games of Thrones is coming to the market. The foldable smartphone is designed for an exceptional audience. Here's how it will be

The famous Games of Thrones saga ended for good last week. For the most ardent fans, it will not be easy to accept the ending of the TV series of their heart. The GOT fever does not stop, and many manufacturers take advantage of this to create ad hoc products for fans of the famous TV series.

In addition to the classic t-shirts, household items, covers and so on, a Russian company has launched a truly incredible product. It is a version of the Samsung Galaxy Fold completely inspired by Games of Thrones. The device is really exceptional, also because it is coated in gold. The flexible smartphone was made by Caviar, a Russian brand already famous for launching custom products designed for a high-paying target. In fact, it will have a cost not accessible to all castes, motivated by the high workmanship and perfect details.

Samsung Galaxy Fold by Games of Thrones

The Russian company Caviar is about to launch on the market a version of the new Samsung Galaxy Fold that will drive Games of Thrones fans crazy. The design is inspired by the famous saga, and specifically the unpublished novel The Winds of Winter. The company specializes in the production of luxury goods, often customized according to the trend of the moment.

The smartphone inspired by the Game of Thrones is certainly no less. First of all, it opens just like a book, where the title of the novel it is inspired by appears on the cover. This is surrounded by a golden frame full of ornaments and decorations, reproducing a huge dragon and a castle all around. In the back, the style and details of the frame are taken up in order to give continuity to a lavish design, which certainly does not go unnoticed. On the other hand, the central hinge, which allows the phone to open and close like a book, is made of gold.

How much will it cost?

The device proposed by Caviar is not simply a Games of Thrones phone but a real luxury good, which will attract the attention of celebrities and famous people. And even the price aligns with this concept, in fact it will be put on sale at a price that is around 7000 euros.

Naturally, this is a device that is not within the reach of everyone, which is why Caviar offers two other models to fit the flexible Samsung Galaxy Fold smartphone. One is made of carbon, the other is made of leather. Both feature an opening with a golden perimeter that allows you to view the central part of the screen.