The robot that challenges everyone to rap comes from Japan

A group of researchers has tasked an unusual rapper with presenting how robots learn to mimic human behavior

Robots. A word that's starting to raise some concerns lately. Mainly because of the strides that technology has managed to make. Robots are no longer simple machines, but are becoming tools more and more similar to human beings.

They think and are able to take many decisions independently. The main fear is that they will take away a lot of jobs in the future. In fact, this fear is already occurring. Someone is advancing catastrophic scenarios, worthy of the best science fiction movies: one day we will be annihilated by robots. Elon Musk, a great visionary, argues that the only way not to succumb is to become cyborgs. Not all robots, however, are scary. There are also those that perform risky and difficult tasks for humans. And then there are the robots that are also able to bring a smile to our faces. As in the case of the one that sings to the rhythm of rap.

The robot that does rap

(Taken from YouTube)

The robotic rapper was created by some researchers at the Advanced Telecommunications Research Institute. Actually, more than a robot that "rappes", it is a video presentation with which the group of scientists presented their research. In particular, are shown the various stages in which robots learn to reproduce human behavior. And to do so was created an "unusual" parody of Rapper's Delight, a hit made in 1979 by the rapper group The Sugarhill Gang.

I robot imparano imitando gli esseri umani

Nella clip, che è valsa agli scienziati il primo posto tra i video alla HRI, la conferenza internazionale di Vienna sull’interazione uomo robot, viene soprattutto mostrato un robot dalle sembianze umane che a ritmo di musica descrive i vari processi di apprendimento intelligente. Apprendimento che avviene, grazie alcuni algoritmi, per imitazione e che comprende non solo come i robot pensano e parlano, ma anche come si muovono.

robot-medici-lavoro-1.jpgFonte foto: Shutterstock

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