What is Clubhouse, the new exclusive social network based on voice

A new social network based on "voice": what is Clubhouse, how it works and why it promises to revolutionize communication.

The new social network that could revolutionize the approach to communication on the web is called Clubhouse. Based entirely on voice communication, the platform is rapidly becoming a cultural phenomenon capable of attracting prominent figures from various backgrounds, from politics to the world of entertainment. To what does it owe its success?

Launched in 2020 by Alpha Exploration Co. led by Paul Davison, the application exploits a communication system based no longer on text conversation, like most social networks including Facebook or Twitter, or on images or videos, in the style of Instagram or TikTok just to name a few of the best known examples, but on voice. Grown in particular during the lockdown period due to the Covid pandemic, in recent weeks the app has managed to double its membership reaching 2 million. The confirmation came from Davison himself, who underlined the potential of the project that at the moment has more than 180 investors and a valuation of one billion dollars, a considerable amount for a social network so recent.

Clubhouse, how does the new social network work?

On Clubhouse, every kind of communication between users takes place in separate chat rooms, in which thousands of users can participate at the same time. The participants themselves choose the topics of discussion: free conversations can be generated, such as those between friends or acquaintances, or one can connect to rooms organized in conference or panel style, where listeners gather around a single interlocutor to listen to well-defined topics.

As you can imagine, the potential of Clubhouse is many and bound exclusively to the tool, certainly not to the creativity of its users. The mayors of three US cities - San Francisco, Miami and Austin - are the latest to exploit the social platform. Through the platform, the three representatives organized a meeting dedicated to the presentation of business potential in the technology sector of their communities. There were many participants, including investors, company executives and workers in the sector. Aims different, therefore, from what has been seen so far and with a possibility of growth that could reach hitherto unimaginable heights.

Clubhouse, how to join the social network?

In spite of carving out an important slice of the public, which differs from that which characterizes the other social networks currently most appreciated, Clubhouse is currently available only for users who own Apple devices. In fact, there is no version of the app available for Android devices, but only for the iOS 13 operating system or higher.

Once downloaded, the application allows you to register your username, which can then be used once the social network is available to everyone. In fact, at the moment Clubhouse is still in beta test phase and, to take part in the available chat rooms, you need a special invitation that enables access to the platform.

At the moment, the lucky ones can access all the rooms for free but, according to what its founders said, the social could later use a monetization system for the most important panels, as well as insert a ticketing system, subscriptions or tips to the speakers. So we just have to wait for the next evolutions, waiting to become part of what could be the new way of networking that could make the old social networks tremble.