Instagram is the most dangerous social network for mental health

As reported by a British research, Instagram would generate anxiety and especially push young people to have problems with the body

Here comes another study that warns against the negative effects that social networks have on our mental health, guilty according to many researchers of creating depression, anxiety, generate sleep deprivation and lead many users to have problems with their body image.

especially among younger people, easily influenced and frequent visitors of social networks. According to a recent survey, conducted by the Royal Society for Public Health, a British charity, among the social networks analyzed the worst would be Instagram. It would seem, in fact, that the photo platform owned by Facebook exerts a greater impact on the psyche of the young people surveyed. In particular, as reported by 7 out of 10 users, Instagram would create difficulties with the image of their body and would promote more, along with Facebook, the appearance of anxiety. In second place, in this sad ranking, is Snapchat.

Harmful social networks for young people

The British charity, which deals mainly with health education, interviewed about 1500 young people aged between 14 and 24 years, investigating the relationship between the appearance of some mental problems and social networks. In addition to Instagram and SnapChat, Facebook, Twitter and YouTube were surveyed. According to the results of the research, the only platform that did not get a negative rating was YouTube. In the study there was also room for cyberbullying: 2 users out of 3 think that Facebook has worsened the phenomenon.

This small survey is important because it makes us reflect on the morbid relationship that some people, especially young people, have with social networks, which often end up creating unattainable and unreal life models. With all that follows for physical and mental health.