Discord is not working in Italy, what’s happening

Since 14:00 on June 24, Discord is not working and does not allow users to use their profiles. Here's what's happening

Discord is down and won't allow any users to access it. The famous messaging application used mostly by gamers is not working since 2 pm on June 24. On social networks and on downdetector.it, a portal where users go to look for information when a service is not working, hundreds of reports are coming from all over the world.

Usersers have turned to Discord's Twitter account in search of information and have received an answer from the application's staff: due to a server problem for the moment it is not possible to access the personal profile. Technicians are working to solve the situation as soon as possible, but the cause may not depend on Discord. In fact, according to many experts the fault is Cloudflare, an American company that deals with content delivery networks, internet security services and distributed DNS services that at the moment has problems with its services. And Discord is suffering the consequences. We will keep you updated.

Why Discord is down

The fault of Discord down could be Cloudflare, an American company offering services for CDN and network security. A spokesperson for Cloudflare itself confirmed that the company's servers are having some problems involving 3% of the world's Internet traffic. Cloudflare is trying to work together with the network provider to solve the problem as soon as possible, and the application that is suffering the most is Discord. As of 2 p.m. users are unable to happen to their accounts and talk to each other. Discord's technicians are trying to solve the issue, but they have little room for action. We will follow the developments and keep you updated.