Deeper, the fishing sonar that connects to your smartphone

The sonar, once launched into the sea or lake, is able to send many important data to your smartphone, including the position of fish

The market is now saturated with accessories that can be connected to your smartphone. One of the most interesting, among these useful and fun smart objects, is definitely Deeper. It is a small fishing sonar that can provide the fisherman with a series of information about fish and water.

Deeper is almost as big as a tennis ball and works by scanning the seabed. The sonar, once launched into the sea or lake, is able to send to the smartphone a lot of important data, useful for the fisherman to understand the water temperature or depth. The most important feature of Deeper, however, is another one. Fishing lovers know how difficult it is to know with certainty where to throw the hook. Sonar solves this problem. Deep, next to other information, also transmits the position of the fish. A dream, then, that for many fans becomes reality.

How it works Deeper

Deeper, as seen, connects to your smartphone and starts working as soon as launched into the water. Here it performs an analysis, that is, maps the seabed, collecting and sending data to the phone. The sonar uses several sensors, including GPS, Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connections. The information can be viewed on the dedicated application, available for both Android and iOS, which is also convenient for storing the areas of the sea or lake that are richest in fish.


The sonar, therefore, can be very useful for fishermen, who can know the conditions of the water bottom in real time and improve the amount of catch. In terms of distance from the smartphone, Deeper can reach a maximum of 330 feet, or roughly 100 meters. In terms of depth, on the other hand, the sonar can dive up to 80 meters.

There are three models in all, and we change based on the built-in sensors. The two less performing versions, for example, can "move away" from the smartphone for less meters. Regarding the launch range, the intermediate model can reach a maximum of 80 meters, while the basic version can cover only half.


Let's move on to the price now. Deeper Smart Sonar Pro + costs $240, just over 200 euros. For Deeper Smart Sonar Pro and Deeper Smart FishiFinder 3.0, the asking price is $200.