Fifa 21: Ciccio Caputo against Cristiano Ronaldo for the team of the year

Fifa 21 Toty, you vote the players for the team of the year: among the strikers in addition to Cristiano Ronaldo also tick Ciccio Caputo

Ciccio Caputo against Cristiano Ronaldo: it's not a Serie A championship clash between Sassuolo and Juventus but the Fifa 2021 TOTY, that is the team of the year with the best athletes of the 2020/2021 EA Sports season. To participate in the voting, however, this year appeared along with the name of Ronaldo just that of the forward of Sassuolo.

For Francesco Caputo, born in Altamura class 1987, is the first year among the candidates for the TOTY of Fifa 21. Punta of Sassuolo from the 2019/2020 football season, he has previously played in teams of the caliber of Bari, Salernitana, Entella and Empoli. Recent is instead his first convocation of the Italian national team, dated August 27, 2020. His debut with the Azzurri's jersey was on October 7, 2020, in Florence against Moldova, where he not only scored his first goal but also set a record, the oldest rookie in the history of the Italian team to finish in the net at the age of 33 years and 2 months.

What is Fifa 2021 TOTY

Fifa 2021 TOTY, that is Team of the Year, indicates the team composed of players who have distinguished themselves during the past season. This January, Electronic Arts has released a shortlist of 70 players, chosen by a collective formed by players, journalists and members of the EA Sports Fifa 2021 community, among which you can choose the final team consists of 11 players divided into 1 goalkeeper, 4 defenders, 3 midfielders and 3 strikers, including the Apulian Caputo.

During the voting period, this year from January 7 to 18, you can choose your ideal lineup by voting on the official website of Fifa 2021. From a game perspective, this goes to affect the playing cards of the players involved in the operation. In fact, the athletes who are part of the TOTY receive a blue card, available in the packages instead of the basic one. This, however, does not change the cards already in possession of gamers who, to get the new cards, they will have to buy them or find them in the packages available.

How to vote for Ciccio Caputo

Ciccio Caputo is available within the section Strikers eligible for the TOTY of Fifa 2021. Until January 18, everyone can vote by assigning him a final place in the team of 11 by connecting to the official website of Fifa 2021 and entering the dedicated section.

On the page, you must then drag the icons with the faces of the players on the soccer field available in the central part of the screen, in the area of the game to which you want to assign. Once you have made your choice and completed the formation, you can proceed with sending your roster by accepting the terms and clicking on the Send Vote button. Once the operation is completed, the site allows you to download two images, in png 1:1 and 9:16 format, to share on your social profiles with the hashtag #TOTY.