Fortnite bans assisted aiming

Epic Games has decided to eliminate from March 13 the assisted aiming within Fortnite because it distorted the online challenges

An update is coming that will change forever the settings of Fortnite and will not fail to trigger a series of controversies between those who will take sides in favor and those, however, will not accept willingly the change. We're talking about the Legacy control scheme used by many gamers along with the "Assisted Aim" system, which is guilty of facilitating players who use controllers on both consoles and PCs.

The removal of these two settings related to aiming and fundamental for some during Battle Royale has been announced by Epic Games with a tweet. The developers let it be known that the elimination of the Legacy control scheme has caused a number of issues related to balancing, while assuring all players around the world that the anomaly will soon be resolved with the patch that will be released online on March 13.

Fortnite: the Legacy scheme

In contrast to users who use the mouse + keyboard combination to aim, those who use controllers on both PC and consoles have the ability to take advantage of an assisted aiming mechanic, greatly facilitating the elimination of enemies. Of course, the player's skill is always an element to be taken into due consideration, but the little technological help definitely facilitates the task.

The "Aim Assist" feature allows you to quickly and easily lock onto targets by simply pressing the key assigned to aim, specifically L2 for the PS4's DualShock 4 and LT for the Xbox One and PC's Wireless Controller. This trick allows the player to "freeze" for a few seconds the crosshairs that automatically follows the movements of the enemy framed in the target, even overcoming natural obstacles and not, such as rocks and walls.

A trick that has made the entire community of Fortnite rise up, including streamers, against the "smart" who practiced this game mechanic, often abusing it in a scary way.

Fortnite: what happens now

The Legacy option will be disabled on March 13. Those who have been using this option will have to switch to the "Esponential" or "Linear" scheme, but this change will not affect users' presets, which can be imported into the new settings. Be warned, however, the Assisted Aim will not be completely eliminated from Fortnite, it will continue to exist, albeit in a less invasive form within the game.