Fortnite 2: Increased Experience Points for the Battle Pass

Epic Games has listened to player protests and increased the Experience Points gained from daily challenges. What changes

After the heated protests of Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 1 fans regarding the inability to complete the Battle Pass, the developers at Epic Games have finally come to the rescue. The controversy that arose a few days ago was due to the fact that the Experience Points provided during the games were not enough to finish the Battle Pass.

According to the calculations made by some users of the famous online game were needed about 300 hours of play to bring the pass to level 100 and consequently unlock all the rewards up for grabs. But even if you complete all the weekly and daily challenges, according to the hardcore fans, you still wouldn't be able to complete the new Battle Pass. Many have pointed out that the time required to complete all the challenges was much longer than in past seasons.

Chapter 2 Experience Points

Epic Games says that the unpleasantness has been completely resolved. The protests of Fortnite fans around the world have been taken care of by the men of Epic, who have revised the entire scoring mechanism, making the progression of the Battle Pass easier and more sensible. The change to the Experience Points was introduced with the release of the update 11.01.

Currently, to complete the Battle Pass, you need about 150 hours, half of what was originally planned. Not only that, but thanks to the various limited-time events and weekly challenges, the path to completing the Battle Pass seems to have returned to acceptable levels and there is no longer a need to purchase paid levels to continue with the game. With the change made by the developers, the daily challenges allow you to acquire between 8,000 and 16,000 experience points, while with the "old" system you could only get about half that amount.

Mythic Goldfish

Resolved the problem of the Battle Pass perhaps Epic's developers can now devote themselves to recalibrate a weapon introduced with the new season. In the code of the video game has been found a new throwing object capable of inflicting damage equal to 90 (the maximum life in Fortnite is 100). It is an unprecedented object called Mythic Goldfish. More than a real weapon, it is a goldfish that can be thrown to inflict heavy damage to opponents.

The "mythological" object is hidden in one of the waterways that characterize the new map of Fortnite 2 and can be fished by players. A "trick" that has already given rise to a hornet's nest of controversy among fans of the video game. What will happen? Already in the past were adopted weapons so powerful and devastating with Epic Games forced to eliminate them immediately after the introduction in the game.