Free EBooks, Amazon launches Prime reading service

Amazon is adding the ability to download free ebooks for users enrolled in the Prime subscription plan, here's how it works

Amazon Prime customers can now read as many free ebooks as they want, including hundreds of the most popular Kindle books, including comics, children's books and more, at no extra cost. And all this thanks to the new Prime Reading service that the e-commerce giant has just launched in Italy as well.

To start taking advantage of the new service offered by Amazon just be subscribed to Prime and download the free Kindle app for iOS and Android devices or directly using Kindle eReaders or Fire tablets to get access to the free ebook library for Kindle and smartphones. Prime Reading is just the latest of Amazon's gimmicks to convince users to switch to the subscription service, which, in addition to unlimited reading also includes unlimited fast deliveries, unlimited access to Prime Video, use of Twitch Prime, Prime Photos storage space and Prime Now in Milan (basically deliveries within an hour or two of ordering). Those who have never used the Prime service and want to test Prime Reading can sign up for the free trial period that allows us to use all the benefits of Amazon Prime for 30 days.

How to use Amazon Prime Reading

What are the benefits of Amazon Prime Reading in detail? First of all we can choose and download from hundreds of free ebooks.  The free books are many from The most beautiful fairy tales by Disney, to House of Cards by Micheal Dobbs or the travel guides of Lonely Planet. There are also many books by the most famous authors that we will find at no additional cost: Roberto Saviano, Banana Yoshimoto, Andrea Camilleri, just to name a few. Prime Reading also allows you to read ebooks for free from any device: just synchronize your smartphone, tablet and Kindle reader to be able to start reading on Amazon's ereader and then continue reading on your iPhone, tablet or Android smartphone.

Also on Amazon Prime Reading you can use all the most popular Kindle features, such as the most underlined sentences to recognize the favorite passages of Kindle customers, or Page Scroll that allows you to easily browse the book without ever losing the mark, or read customer reviews before downloading a particular book.