GeorgeApp, the app that reads messages while you’re behind the wheel

Available only for Android platform, George accesses messages of all kinds and reads them aloud, to avoid distractions at the wheel

The smartphone is one of the main sources of distractions while behind the wheel. Between text messages, social media updates, instant messaging apps and calls, using your cell phone in the car puts not only the driver's life at risk, but also the lives of others in the vicinity.

Legislation around the world prohibiting the use of mobile devices while driving is not always effective, and accidents caused by smartphones are increasing every year. In recent months, several hi-tech solutions have been proposed to discourage the sending of messages and the use of social networks while driving. Samsung, for example, has created the InTraffic Reply app, which responds automatically to messages received while in traffic. From Italy, on the other hand, comes GeorgeApp, a sort of second digital pilot responsible for reading the messages and social updates that concern us.

How GeorgeApp works

Designed and developed by Alberto Forchino, a telecommunications engineer with a penchant for programming, GeorgeApp features an extremely simple interface that makes it easy to use even while driving. The first time GeorgeApp is launched, it will ask the user to access the notifications on his smartphone: the app will be interested in Facebook, Twitter, the SMS app, WhatsApp, Telegram and Facebook Messenger.

Once authorized and activated, GeorgeApp will read aloud the notifications and messages received: the driver will thus be able to know who has been looking for him and for what reason, without having to take his hands off the wheel and his eyes off the road. From now on, in order to use GeorgeApp, all you have to do is activate it as soon as you get into the car by pressing the only button in the GUI.

GeorgeApp can be downloaded for free from the Google Play Store and requires a subscription of 0.59 euros every three months (a breakfast a year, more or less). Alternatively, you can decide to use it for free, but it will read more than five notifications at a time. To listen to the sixth, in short, you will be forced to close George and start it up again.

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