Google Maps updates, maps change forever: what’s new

Google Maps are more colorful thanks to the new algorithm used by Google: locating plains and mountains will be easier

This year Google Maps celebrated its fifteenth anniversary by introducing important new features within the application that make it even more useful. The work of improvement of Google, however, is not yet finished: the Mountain View company has just announced the arrival of a very important update. Google Maps will change forever, becoming much more colorful and accurate thanks to the use of new algorithms for colors.

Thanks to the update being released worldwide this week, users will notice a big change in the colors of the maps that will make it easier to locate forests, mountains, streams and rivers. This will let you plan a trip or explore an area knowing exactly what you're going to see and how difficult it can be. As you can see from the opening image, the colors are much more vivid and provide a much more precise idea about the morphology of an area.

Google Maps, what changes with the new maps

With the update of Google Maps, the Redmond-based company finally puts the quality of the images at its disposal. Big G, in fact, has ultra-high-definition satellite imagery for more than 98% of the territory occupied by people. To make the maps more colorful and above all more accurate, Google Maps will use a new algorithm for color mapping that reports almost faithfully the structure of the territory. Plain, hills, mountains, glaciers, everything will be much easier to understand thanks to the new colors of the maps.

The update does not concern only some cities or a portion of territory, but the new Google Maps cover (almost) the whole Earth. A coverage of more than 100 million square kilometers.

To see the natural features of the maps you need to use the zoom and focus on a specific area.

When will the update arrive

Google has assured that the new Google Maps are being released as early as this week and within seven days will be available worldwide. Check if you have an app update on the Google Play Store or App Store and if so, download it.

More information in big cities

The news doesn't end there. Big G also announced a major update for big city maps, with even more detailed and accurate information. Users will be able to see exactly where sidewalks, crosswalks and pedestrian islands are located. Very important information especially for those with accessibility issues and for those who are looking for new ways to visit a city.

The street maps will initially come only for London, New York and San Francisco, but in the future other European and world capitals will also be covered.