Google Maps warns you if the taxi driver lengthens the road

Google Maps introduces a very useful feature for those who take a cab: it will be possible to know when the driver increases the route cheating the customer

Google Maps is experiencing a moment of great news: it dates back to a few days ago the news that soon will be introduced speedometers, while a few months ago was announced the service that allows you to know if there are speed cameras on the route. A few hours ago, there was an interesting new announcement.

Mountain View's navigator will notify customers when the taxi driver is stretching the road. Specifically, the notification will start when the route is extended by 500 meters compared to the shortest route found by the app. This is something to consider especially if you book a private transportation service in an unfamiliar city. In these cases, it can happen that a not very honest driver increases the number of kilometers driven in order to earn more money. Fortunately, from now on, thanks to Google Maps, it will no longer be necessary to check the route continuously meter by meter, but it will be enough to keep your cell phone in your pocket and wait for the possible notification.

The cab stretches the road: find out with Google Maps

How to understand if the taxi driver stretches the road? Until now, using Google Maps you had to look up the route on the app, via the directions feature, and keep an eye on the route indicated by the app, trying to figure out any cheating. Now you can avoid being noticed by the taxi driver, and enjoy your ride in a more carefree way.

In fact, Google is testing a system of alerts designed to help users who use private transport. The new feature was discovered by some Indian users, who reported the appearance of the feature on their devices. These people took cab rides, but when the driver lengthened the route by 500 meters compared to what was planned or otherwise recommended by Google (because it was shorter, advantageous, low traffic etc.), the app started sending notifications alerting them to the victim of the scam.

Aamir Siddiqui, Senior Editor at XDA Developers, even provided screenshots of the new feature. Based on these he stated that it should have two goals. The first one is to increase the safety of people in cabs, in this case the screen shows a feature to be activated which is called "Stay Safer". By selecting it, you can share your route in real time with your contacts, who are even notified when you leave the established route. The second is to avoid being scammed by less-than-honest taxi drivers, especially when moving to an unfamiliar city or location.