Griff 300, the cargo drone capable of lifting a person

The aircraft is designed to lift very heavy loads and is designated for use in multiple fields: military, rescue and law enforcement

Imagine moving around using a drone. Fantasy? Absolutely not. Griff Aviation, a Norwegian company, has just unveiled the first lifting drone that could soon be used to transport a person as well.

Griff 300, this is the name the Scandinavian company has given the aircraft, weighs 75 kilograms and can carry a load of up to 496 pounds (almost 225 KG). An absolute first for this category of device. Compared to the most common drones, the device developed by Griff Aviation is an octacopter, that is, it is equipped with 8 propellers (and not 4 or 6) that are each powered by a motor. The device also has another interesting feature. Pilots to control the aircraft will, in fact, choose between two options: manual control from the ground via radio, or install a real cockpit directly on the drone.

A very versatile drone

The most important feature of this technological object is definitely its versatility. How and who will use Griff 300? Thanks to its extraordinary transport capabilities, it is not difficult to imagine its use in the military sphere. The device will also be able to help law enforcement and all rescue units. The peculiarity of the cargo drone made in Norway is precisely the fact that it is designed to lift very heavy payloads. As the company itself states on its website, Griff 300 is also customizable, meaning that it leaves future users the possibility to choose each their own loading system.

Griff 300, safety goal

The drone is also very safety conscious. According to what Griff Aviation still claims, the aircraft has been given permission to fly by the Norwegian Air Force and has been built in compliance with all safety standards imposed by the European Union. At this point, as someone said, a question arises: how much does Griff 300 cost? At the moment the price remains shrouded in mystery.

(opening video taken from YouTube)

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