Sunflower, the drone that wants to replace the security cameras

Also equipped with artificial intelligence, the aircraft operates autonomously and sends to a smartphone real-time images of the monitored area

Soon we could entrust our homes to an alternative video surveillance system, and probably even more efficient. The idea came from Sunflower, an American startup also based in Zurich that has developed a smart quadricopter with some pretty interesting features. Like any other high-end drone, it sends live images to the owner's smartphone, but that's just a "basic" feature. The drone, in fact, "teams up" with a series of smart streetlights and, using artificial intelligence, is able to assess whether there has been a "dangerous" intrusion in the perimeter of the home and to get up in the air autonomously. Unlike traditional security cameras, the system developed by Sunflower Labs is able to recognize "false alarms" (such as pets or the mailman, for example) and avoid unnecessary worries.

How the Sunflower smart security system works

At the base of the operation of this security "apparatus" we find a series of smart streetlights to be placed outside of your home. Equipped with multicolor LED light (manageable through the app for smartphones), the lights are equipped with photovoltaic panels for self-powering, motion sensors of various kinds, vibration sensors that can detect movements on the ground and microphones to "listen" to what is happening in the vicinity. Once the network of sensors is created outside, you can place the drone outdoors (on a balcony or terrace, perhaps) and synchronize all devices with the smartphone app.

(taken from Sunflower Labs' website)

Smart Home Security System

At this point, the game is (almost) done. When the motion sensors of the streetlights notice some "intrusion" in their space, they will send the data to the artificial intelligence, which will assess its dangerousness and try to guess its intent. Evaluating the speed of the person approaching the house, the heaviness of the steps and other factors, the security system will autonomously decide whether to send a notification to the host's smartphone. In case of notification, the user can in turn decide whether to make the drone rise in the air, which, from a height of about 10 meters, will shoot and send live images to the smartphone with which it is synchronized.

Price and release date Sunflower intelligent security system

There is no news yet on when the drone will go on sale nor is the starting price known. It is likely that Sunflower will need some more time to improve the device.

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